Hitwicket Superstars Season 11- “Dawn of the Centurion”

Ciao Superstars!

With an amazing rollercoaster ride of the thrilling challenges in Season-10, here we present to you Hitwicket Superstars Season 11!! An action-packed season with even more sensational cricket fandom, riveting challenges, and piles of rewards to take your epic cricket team to the next level.

Earn Unbelievable Rewards in Season Pass

The new Season 11- “Dawn of the Centurion” along with the Season Pass features 50 tiers of free and elite rewards- including cash, training points, hitcoins, shards, auction tokens, gacha boxes, and more.

A Brand New Skin: THE CENTURION!!

Leading the cricket team from the front and finishing the game in his own Roman style is “The Centurion”. The El Tank with the Centurion skin is the backbone for the team and strives his best to win you matches from the toughest situations. With his phenomenal tactics and game-reading abilities, he’s sure to give an upper hand while facing a sturdy opponent.

Season Pass Free Tiers

The Season-11 brings in even more Reliable and Brilliant shards to scout fantastic superstars for your team, auction tokens, and cash to buy new players from the auctions, and hitcoins to progress ahead in the game.

Elite Pass Tiers

Purchase the Elite Pass now to earn all the rewards from both tiers. With tons of in-game resources like cash, training points, and hitcoins- you can revamp your entire team. The Elite Bank also gives you extra storage to add up even more cash. And not just that, the Elite Pass offers you World-Class shards and “The Centurion” skin too! So, why waste time in wondering when you can add him to your cricket team right away!

Want to know more about Elite Pass? Click here!

What Are You Waiting For?

So, buckle up now and collect season points through daily goals and weekly challenges to reach new milestones in the season pass. The more you grind, the more you win. So, don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity, load your game now and start hitwicketing!

Share your season pass journey with us at superstars@hitwicket.com

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Own a Cricket Team with Superpowers & Compete in a Multiplayer Cricket Game.

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Hitwicket Superstars

Hitwicket Superstars

Own a Cricket Team with Superpowers & Compete in a Multiplayer Cricket Game.

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